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  • You will earn more money by saving time in building your portfolio faster
  • You will be ahead of the game by receiving training in the areas that most need strengthening
  • You will advance in the investment steps much faster
  • You will have a team dedicated to researching, analyzing and presenting investment options just for you on a weekly basis.
  • You will get service tailored to your personal goals
  • You will get exclusive meetings with the "key players" such as investment lawyers, international accountants, builders, surveyors, architects, engineers and bankers
  • You will acquire advice for Protection and Anonymity of assets
  • You will gain advice to minimize taxes
  • You will take advantage of live digital presentations in the same property of the selected properties


30 hours of research, search and analysis with Salvatore Cavalieri.

(Includes presentation of 6 properties)
VALUED $14,850

Weekly calls in private via zoom.

VALUED $5,940

Unlimited access to the Recordings of the entire challenge.

VALUED $21,284

Unlimited access to our team for questions.

VALUED $3,495

Exclusive access to experts in different areas of the investment process.

VALUED $4,495

Business plan with objective and quantitative goals.

VALUED $3,980

Unlimited access to the exclusive VIP LinkedIn Group to share experiences.